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Wellness Coach

EMDR  | IFS | Relational Somatic Therapy

What we need most when we’re suffering is lovingkindness and to feel heard and be seen. I will help you connect with your inner truth and we will look compassionately into your history to gain insights into your current struggles and situations. Using somatic methodologies and trauma informed practices, we will explore your body sensations, belief systems, and emotions which often cover up the unalterable essence of who you really are – a spirit made of light, love, joy, and peace. Furthermore, we might take a wider lens to our sessions to bring awareness to the greater systems; our multi-generational family systems, capitalism, patriarchal systems, educational systems and systemic racism that are all intrinsically related and transmitted down.


Therapeutic modalities might include;




Individual Therapy


I provide counselling for a range of concerns including: Anxiety, Depression, Panic, Anger, Low Motivation, Relationship Challenges, Life Transitions, Chronic Illness and Grief and Loss.


Individual counselling can be helpful for you in learning new perspectives on yourself, gaining a sense control over your life and finding ways to navigate the range of emotions that are troubling you. I provide one-to-one in person and virtual counselling sessions.  

Trauma Therapy

If you have experienced a trauma, were raised in a complex family system, or have had an event in your life that you can’t seem to move through, trauma therapy can be helpful.  


By learning how your nervous system, brain and body responded to these events/experiences, you can gain a sense of hope and see a way out from the symptoms you are struggling with.

I am trained in EMDR, Relational Somatic Therapy and Ego State Therapy, which can assist with resolving symptoms associated with trauma.  


Booking Your Therapy Session:

Free 20 min Consultation

During your consultation, I’ll learn more about your concerns and needs, and  you can make sure that my services are the right fit for you 


Individual Therapy Session | $150 (60min)

You are ready to begin your individual sessions. You decide where to start. 

*Please note: Since I’m working independently and not as part of a healthcare team, I am not able to provide adequate services to people who are in acute phases of mental illness such as those who are experiencing unmanaged psychotic illness or those who are actively suicidal (with plan and intent to harm themselves).



  • Coverage through your health benefit provider (e.g., Canada Life, Medavie Blue Cross, Sunlife, etc.). Please ensure your plan covers Registered Social Workers (RSW) under counselling in your health benefits plan. May also be fully funded if on short- or long-term disability

  • First Nations (funded by the First Nations Health Authority - status and non-status)

  • If you were a victim of a crime (funded by the Crime Victims Assistance Program)

  • Income Tax Refund. You may be able to claim therapy by a Registered Social Worker on your income tax medical expenses

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